Breakdown Towing in Hobart

Breakdown Towing Services in hobart

The Importance of Breakdown Towing
Breakdowns can occur at any time and place, often when we are not prepared for them. For several reasons, one needs access to a towing service in case of an emergency:


Car towing companies specialize in breakdowns such as what Towing Pros Hobart provides care more about your safety in clearing your car or vehicle from harmful surroundings like traffic, climatic conditions, and other motor vehicle users.

Peace of Mind

You do not have to worry about getting stuck in some remote place when you use 24-hour emergency towing services provided by Towing Pros Hobart whether by yourself or traveling with your loved ones.


Having a vehicle breakdown can be very distressing, particularly during an important event or in areas that are not easy to reach. A breakdown towing service offered by Towing Pros Hobart helps one get their car fixed quickly while reducing interruptions.

Breakdown Issues Covered in Our Breakdown Towing Services

While several kinds of breakdown issues can occur along the road, we often get the common ones listed below but our services are not limited to just these issues.

Flat Tyres

If your vehicle is feeling a little heavier on one side or if you hear a sudden pop that leads to air being released, this can be a bad sign that requires you to stop driving. Running on a flat tyre is a bad idea as this can cause damage to your wheel/s but you can always get in touch with us so we can send a professional over to tow your vehicle.

Broken Wheels

Damaged wheels can lead to a big problem and it’s best to have this repaired or replaced if they are beyond repair since this can lead to accidents. If you notice that your wheels have been damaged to the point where you cannot drive properly, you can reach out to us so we can send someone over to bring you to a repair shop.

Dead Battery

When your vehicle’s battery is dead, this can lead to different issues such as components not functioning or your car not starting at all. If your battery is dead and you would like us to tow your vehicle for you, all you need to do is give us a call and we will send someone over right away.

Damaged Components

Certain components that your vehicle relies on to function may become damaged over time and may cause issues while driving, which is why you should avoid pushing further if this happens. If your vehicle requires repairs and maintenance while you are stuck on the road, we can dispatch someone to tow it to the nearest shop for you.

Brake Malfunction

Malfunctioning brakes are one of the worst problems that your vehicle can have because this puts you, your vehicle, and even others around you at risk. If you notice that your brakes are having issues and there is no nearby shop to have them checked and fixed, you may contact us so we can tow your vehicle for you.

Empty Gas

If you are running low on gas and may have tried to make it to the nearest station but wound up stuck on the road, we have got your back. You can give us a call if you are stuck on the road and we can tow your vehicle to the nearest gas station so you don’t have to wait for hours until someone comes to help.

Faulty Electricity

Electrical problems can cause your vehicle to not function properly or even cause issues that may damage your vehicle over time. If you notice problems with your vehicle’s electrical system, this would be a good time to part your vehicle and have us tow it to get checked and repaired.

Overheating Vehicles

An overheating vehicle may have several causes, which can be a leak in the cooling system, a bad pump, low engine levels, and more, which is why it may be difficult to distinguish on your own. To make sure that your incorrect attempts are made and that your vehicle doesn’t sustain damage from overheating, you can get in touch with our team so we can dispatch someone to help you out.

Other Breakdown Towing Issues

The list of breakdown issues goes on and on but our services are not limited to just the most common ones as we cater to all breakdown issues.

Should you find that your vehicle is having difficulty running or won’t run at all, the best solution is to give us a call and we will handle the rest.

Rest assured that our professionals will make it to you as quickly as possible to tow your vehicle and as a bonus, they will also offer you a ride back with your vehicle.

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Reasons for Choosing Us

When it comes to selecting a towing and roadside assistance provider, reliability, expertise, and responsiveness are paramount. Here’s why we are the preferred choice for drivers in Hobart:
Different High-end Tow Trucks
We have different tow trucks for different needs that your car may have. Based on the input that we receive from you, we will identify the best option to meet your service needs.
Standard Materials
We are committed to offering only the best services in Towing Pro Hobart, and ensuring your vehicle is handled expertly from the point of pickup to drop-off.
Certified Specialists
Our drivers undergo difficult instruction and have an extended period on how to tow vehicles and offer roadside aid. Furthermore, they have perfect records from serious examination of their background noise.
Available Around the Clock
Contact us anytime between 24/7. Whether you have an accident or breakdown, if you want to book our service in advance, feel free!
Prompt Assistance
When we receive your call and gather the necessary information, we send a professional person to pick up your car or offer support quickly after your booking is confirmed.
Transparent Pricing
Know that all bookings are made with upfront and transparent prices. Our aim is that our customers can depend on high-quality support from us which does not cost you more money.
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