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Roadside Assistance

Trouble on the road can take up a lot of time and sometimes getting your vehicle towed can get in the way of everything you had planned out for the day.

Lucky for you, we offer roadside assistance to help you out if you need to keep going instead of towing your vehicle back to a repair shop.

There are several issues a vehicle may encounter but with our professionals there to help you out, the majority of the problems your vehicle may have can be handled.

Our Roadside Assistance Services

Several issues may occur while you are driving and a majority of these can be fixed once we send a professional over to help you.

Locked Out Of Car

Probably one of the seemingly impossible things to happen but it does, there are times when you may accidentally leave the keys in your car and lock them. In the case that this happens, the best way to solve this would be to give us a call so we can send someone over to unlock it for you without damaging your vehicle.

Dead Battery

If your car battery has died, we can send someone over to give you a jumpstart as this is usually a remedy that can help you get back on the road. While some would need their vehicle towed back to a repair shop if a jumpstart fails, we can send a professional over with a replacement battery instead who can also install it for you.

Out Of Gas

Sometimes we think that there is enough gas in the tank to get us to the next station to get a refill but not everyone makes it in time. If you happen to be stranded due to your gas tank not having enough to run, our professional can come right over and give you a small refill to keep you going.

Flat Tyre

No one expects a flat tyre out of nowhere but it can still happen due to your tyres being old, getting damaged along the way, and more. If your tyre is flat and/or even beyond repair, we can send a professional to come over with a spare tyre and change it for you.

Mechanical Issues

Vehicle can sometimes be complex and when there is a part that isn’t functioning the way it should, your vehicle will almost always have symptoms. Should you experience such trouble on the road, we can send a professional to inspect and repair the issues or tow your vehicle if it is beyond fixing.

Minor Electrical Issues

When your vehicle’s lights start to flicker or when certain electrical components stop functioning properly, the first culprit is often the battery but sometimes it may be your electrical system. If you are unsure of what the issue is, we can send someone over to check it out and make repairs if possible unless towing is the only option.

Other Services Offered

When it comes to your vehicle having issues on the road, this is often due to parts being older and unable to function like they used to, which requires repairs or replacements.

No matter what issue your vehicle has, our professionals are prepared to provide the best roadside assistance that you can get by carrying out repairs when needed.

This is made possible by the large tow trucks our professionals utilize as well as the high-grade equipment they have at their disposal.

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What We Can Guarantee

Our professionals are trained and experienced in all things related to vehicles, making them the best choice when it comes to inspections, repairs, or towing your vehicle.

You can rest assured that our professionals are honest and will make sure you are aware of what the problems are before asking if you want them to make repairs or tow your vehicle.

If our professionals are unable to repair your vehicle or if something is hindering them from doing so, they can always tow it to a repair shop for more severe problems.

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Reasons for Choosing Us

When it comes to selecting a towing and roadside assistance provider, reliability, expertise, and responsiveness are paramount. Here’s why we are the preferred choice for drivers in Hobart:
Different High-end Tow Trucks
We have different tow trucks for different needs that your car may have. Based on the input that we receive from you, we will identify the best option to meet your service needs.
Standard Materials
We are committed to offering only the best services in Towing Pro Hobart, and ensuring your vehicle is handled expertly from the point of pickup to drop-off.
Certified Specialists
Our drivers undergo difficult instruction and have an extended period on how to tow vehicles and offer roadside aid. Furthermore, they have perfect records from serious examination of their background noise.
Available Around the Clock
Contact us anytime between 24/7. Whether you have an accident or breakdown, if you want to book our service in advance, feel free!
Prompt Assistance
When we receive your call and gather the necessary information, we send a professional person to pick up your car or offer support quickly after your booking is confirmed.
Transparent Pricing
Know that all bookings are made with upfront and transparent prices. Our aim is that our customers can depend on high-quality support from us which does not cost you more money.
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